Snow on sidewalks is a potential hazard to those with limited mobility. It also makes it difficult for those who deliver services to our community, including mail carriers, meter readers, delivery services, and emergency services.

The Snow Angels Program is a voluntary snow removal service for senior citizens and persons with physical disabilities. The program matches volunteers from the community with residents in their neighbourhood requiring assistance. Volunteers are asked to help clear the municipally owned sidewalks around the resident’s property to keep our neighbourhoods safer and more accessible.

Snow Angels can be a great way to help your community while getting exercise in the process! For those in need, it's a great way to access timely snow removal assistance.

If you want to volunteer, or are looking for some assistance with snow removal at your home, register online today. Call 204-729-2186, or email for more information.

About the Program

The Snow Angel Program is a trial community coordination effort supported and facilitated by the City of Brandon. The program's goal is to help bring together residents who want to keep their sidewalks clear, but are physically unable to do so, with volunteers that want to help out their community. This Program will run from November 1, 2019 – March 31, 2020. Residents who register their property in the program for the 2019/2020 Snow Angel year will not automatically be renewed for the 2020/2021 year.


How the program works:

The Snow Angel Program is designed to help those who have difficulty shoveling the municipal sidewalks near their homes get assistance from volunteers in our community. Home owners simply sign up online and are put on list provided to volunteers in their area of the City. When there is significant snow fall, volunteers are encouraged to visit the properties on their list and help out by shoveling the municipal sidewalks around the property. Volunteers sign up online and are emailed on a monthly basis a list of addresses in their local area who need assistance during the winter. Important things to remember about the Snow Angel Program:

  • The Snow Angel Program is operated by volunteers. It is our hope that all residents who register in the program will get their municipal sidewalks shoveled when required. However, the program does not guarantee this will occur.
  • This is a volunteer program –payment exchange in any form between the Snow Angel and the resident is NOT permitted.
  • Volunteers are asked only to clear the municipal sidewalk around the property. They are not permitted to go on to private property. Private walkways, driveways, and stairs are not part of the program.
  • All volunteers in the program must be 18 years of age or older when they register